Wine Gifts

Important Note:Alcoholic gifts can ONLY be shipped to certain states. Each wine or beer gift will state which states it can be shipped to. They cannot be shipped to any state other than those listed.

All gift baskets containing wine require a signature of an adult over the age of 21 for delivery. Please keep this in mind when choosing where the gift basket will be delivered and calculating the delivery date. Our shipping carriers will make three attempts to deliver the gift before they return it. will not be responsible for gift baskets where an adult is not available to sign. We advise that you let the recipient know a gift is on its way.

No refund will be issued as a result of your gift basket contain wine being returned to us due to an adult over 21 not being available to sign for the delivery. However, if the gift basket is returned we will be happy to reship it to another location for only the cost of shipping and handling.

A note from a customer:
When I learned that wine isn’t for everyone

When I was first married into an Italian family, I discovered that a glass of wine was a favorite dinner beverage — not a bottle of wine but a glass of wine.  My favorite dinner beverage had always been a glass of iced tea or a cup of coffee.  But I quickly learned to enjoy that glass of wine with the evening meal.

Fast forward to the days when I was in business — the Real Estate business.  Learning from the experts, I was soon giving a bottle of wine or a wine gift basket to my customers who bought a home as well as to my clients who listed their property for sale with me.

But I happen to live in a part of the country where there are many of the Mormon faith as well as tee-totalers and even a fair number of alcoholics.  Alas, a bottle of good wine or even a gourmet wine gift basket was not a welcome gift.  And when I took my business to the Internet, there were states where I couldn’t send wine gift baskets to even if the recipient would have loved to have it.

So what was the answer?

I took the problem to my favorite gift basket company, Creative Gifts To Go, and Joyce told me that the answer was easy.  For those who didn’t drink wine, a beautiful gourmet gift basket, filled with delicious foods, was always welcome.

And for those who loved their wine but lived where it was illegal to send it, she introduced me to some wonderful products that go well with wine or even to be added to a bottle of wine to make a whole new gourmet beverage.  So the Wine Gift Basket without the wine, like A Taste of Elegance, was born.

And both me and my customers were happy once again.


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