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Whether you're leaving behind a busy holiday season or are on the threshold of a new business, the New Year is the perfect time to Revisit —  Review  — Refocus — Renew while "letting your dreams soar." 

But the New Year is not the only time  to do this.  You can do it at anytime throughout the year.

Begin by taking the time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments as well as your failures and a chance to begin anew.  It's the time to revisit the question : 

          What does success mean to me and how will I know if I have achieved it? 

This guide is not about writing a business plan although we will talk about that some as well.  But this is much more personal and may differ with some of your current beliefs about business planning and success.  Hopefully, as you read this, you will stop, think, and question. 

And together we can create business models that will enable us to grow our businesses in a constantly changing industry and world.


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