Show Your Employees That They Are Appreciated

Employees are valuable assets to any business.  Just as everyone else in the world, the key to keeping them happy and satisfied is to make sure that they know they are appreciated.  A person who feels appreciated will do more than what is expected.  It’s like a variation of  the Golden Rule:  Do Unto your employees as you would like them to do unto you.

There are many different ways to achieve this without spending a lot of money.  So put on your thinking cap and start making a list of what you would make you appreciated as an employee.  Create a plan just as you created your marketing plan for your company and follow it, adjusting it along the way.  The rewards will be enormous.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Words go a long way.  Tell them Thank You on a regular basis or write them a note or give them a card telling them how much you appreciate them.  You could even include a gift card for their favorite coffee shop.
  • Celebrate Milestones.  Have a monthly party during an afternoon coffee break to celebrate the employees who had birthdays or work anniversaries during the month.  A cake from your local bakery, party hats and blowers from the party or dollar store, congratulations themed plates and napkins all add to the festivities without a big expense.  Or vary it with a “Make Your Own Sundae” bar or have pizza delivered.
  • Establish a company program that encourages employees to recognize each other when someone does something special.
  • Keep the break room supplied with treats, bottled water, coffees and teas.  Add a sign that says something like “These are on the house because we appreciate you and what you do to make our company great.”
  • Give them an extra paid day off when they do something that you really appreciate.  Even something as simple as offer flexibility in their work day so that they don’t have to use vacation or sick days for an eye appointment or to pick up the kids and drop them off for their extracurricular activities will make them feel appreciated.
  • Don’t forget their kids.  When I was a kid, my dad’s company had a Christmas party for the employees and their children and presented each child with a stocking that included candy and a $1 bill.  I thought that was wonderful and so did my Dad.  On Labor Day, the company held a Labor Day picnic with a barbecue and games.  That was many, many years ago and I still remember those times.
  • Do something special in the office for those holidays that aren’t official days off.  How about something to salute the veterans in your office on Veteran’s Day?  Bring in a St Patrick’s Day treat  (how about green mint ice cream) for everyone to enjoy.  Never forget Employee Appreciation Day.  Make it special.  Valentine’s Day is perfect for letting them know that “We Love Our Employees.”
  • For each employee, and make sure you do it for new employees when they arrive, pass out a form for them to tell you a bit about themselves — birthday, number and age of kids, favorite non-alcoholic beverage, favorite sweets, etc.  Then use that information when creating ways to say Thank You.  If you have a particularly creative person in your office, assign them the job of creating gifts and treats when needed.  It could be a fun coffee cup with a package of coffee, a box of candy or a box of donuts wrapped in colorful wrapping paper.  I’m sure you can think of many other ideas as well.But for those times, when you want to do something really special and have a gift delivered to them at the office or home, we have some unique gift ideas to choose from.