Redneck Gift Basket

Fun Gift for Redneck

Fun Gift for Redneck

Most of us have a Redneck in our life.  This unique gift is just the thing to show them that you love them anyway.  So share a good laugh with them and give them some tasty treats at the same time. 

We see why Rednecks love these things! The It's A redneck Thing Gift pail includes:

  • 8" Metal Trash can with lid, 
  • 100% cotton bandana which you know every Redneck wears, 
  • Classic RC Cola, 
  • Everyone's favorite Moon Pie, 
  • Fritos, 
  • Funyons, 
  • Brims classic Pork Rhins, 
  • Old South pickled eggs which are great by themselves or chopped up in salads, 
  • Pickle in bag - A full size Kosher Dill pickle in a single serve bag for freshness, 
  • And, of course Spam which makes a delicious sandwich or snack by itself. 

    This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a hand tied bow. This gift ships from Missouri and cannot be hand delivered.  Order one for your favorite Redneck today!


Price: $44.95

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