Unique Gift for Hiker or Backpacker

Outdoor Lover Gift Box

Outdoor Lover Gift Box


It's not easy to find a gift for that person who loves the outdoors, so we created one.

A kraft gift box printed with bears and pine trees contains a combination of useful survival tools as well as delicious treats for them to enjoy while hiking or backpacking.

This unique fun gift includes:

  • 20 oz water bottle, 
  • waterproof matches, 
  • Lightening Bug fire starters, 
  • waterproof survival kit which includes:     
    Light Stick - 4"" light stick provides soft, glowing light 
    Survival Reflect Blanket - compact, lightweight and waterproof blanket that can be used for heat deflection, body heat insulation, as a rain and wind barrier, or as a rescue signaling device 
    Watertight Case 1.0 - large watertight, plastic case with O-ring snap closure and lanyard 
    Survival Towel - absorbent, compact and lightweight 
    Button Compass - durable compass features luminous navigation points,
    2 pack of hand warmers, 
  • 2 Cliff protein bars, 
  • Krave beef stick, 
  • 2 packs mountain trail mix, 
  • Krave Jerky cuts, 
  • dried Banana & strawberries, 
  • Dried Fuji Apples, 
  • 2 bags of Pistachios

    Completed gift comes in a kraft gift box with bears and pine trees on it, closed and sealed with a hand tied bow. Completed gift asures 11"" wide by 9"" long and 3"" tall and weighs 4 pounds.   This gift ships from Texas and cannot be hand delivered.  Send one to your favorite hiker or backbacker today!



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