NAU Care Packages

Care Packages and Gifts for NAU Students

Why have a gift shipped and in transit for a week or longer when you can have local service?  We hand deliver the cakes and cookie gifts to your NAU student's dorm or off-campus housing.  No same day deliveries but order today and it will be delivered tomorrow!  NAU does not allow vendors to deliver directly to the student's dorm rooms.  We deliver it to the front desk of the dorm and the student is notified to pick it up at the front desk.

Note:  During the pandemic crisis, we may not be able to deliver to dorms and apartment complexes as their offices and front desks are closed.  Gifts will have to be shipped but we are located in Flagstaff so delivery should be quick.

The hand delivery fee is $15 but our gift boxes and baskets can also be mailed via priority mail if you don't need it there tomorrow.

Birthday Cookies

Fresh Chocolate chip cookies packed in a birthday themed gift box.
Delivered or Shipped

Football Cookie Basket

Dozen Chocolate chip cookies in a wicker football.

Brownie Gifts

Yummy brownies in themed gift boxes shipped from Phoenix, AZ (no hand delivery).

Feel Better Cookie Gift

Chocolate Chip cookies packed in a cardboard doctor's bag in two sizes.
$24.95 - $44.95

College Care Package Kit

"Student's choice" snacks, beverages, entertainment, toiletries, and novelty gifts.

Fruit Gift Basket

Fruit only or plus treats. Several sizes available. Hand Delivery only.

$24.95 - $75.00

Teddy Bear Hugs

Send a hug from home.
Priority mail or delivered

Giant Personalized Fortune Cookies

Large Fortune Cookies w/ your personalized message. Shipped only

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