Long Distance Relationship Gifts

While it is true that modern-day technology makes the miles apart slightly more bearable, sometimes, virtual dating simply cannot cut it. Eager to keep the relationship alive and thriving, far-flung lovers turn to more creative ways of sharing their thoughts.   Here is a  list of long-distance relationship gifts  to spark your imagination on how to surprise your significant other and bring you and your partner closer together.

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or simply a chance to say that he or she is on your mind, gift-giving is a thoughtful  and loving tradition. If you want to show someone that they occupy a special place in your heart, here  are some ideas that can inspire you on how to go about it.

Technology Gifts

If you have a desire to  upgrade from consistent texting and face-time,  Check out some of these innovative LDR gifts.  While these aren’t an alternative for that long-coveted face-to-face time, they might be just perfect for spicing things up a little bit.

Lovebox – This crafty piece of leverage technology helps long-distance couples to communicate when texting becomes too trite. Send your love words via an easy-to-use app; the chunky red heart on the box will spin to notify the recipient of the message that’ll show on the interior mirrored screen.

Band Touch – These bracelets are made to keep two people connected by mimicking human touch. When you think of your significant other, just touch your wrist, and your partner will feel gentle vibrations. You can even develop your secret encrypted language to communicate little marks of affection.

Long-Distance Relationship Lamps – Knowing that you are looking at the same moon as your partner has always been one way of feeling connected to your faraway lover. Long-Distance Relationship Lamps provide the same comforting feeling of knowing that your S.O. is just there and comes in pretty handy for those separated by different time zones. Touch your lamp, and that of your partner will light up his/her room.

Old-school Gifts

If you’re in need of a complete break from staring at your screens, the charms of  old-fashioned practices may work better for you. Love letters and gift baskets are a timeless classic because of one simple reason – they offer sentimental value.

Love letter kits:
There are tons of love letter kits to choose from.   Some offer pre-made envelopes that come with matching blank cards for you to express your sentiment. Each one is printed with a special prompt such as:   Open when you feel lonely/need to make a big decision/can’t sleep/need a pep talk/need a good laugh, etc. And given that your S.O. will be able to reread them whenever they need to, this gift creates a sort of a time capsule. Thus, you’re able to be there for your love every time they need you the most.

Gift baskets:
Everybody loves receiving gift baskets, which makes them excellent long-distance relationship gifts.  Regardless of whether you’re young or old,  it is  exciting to open a gift basket and discover the contents.   Gift baskets are easily personalized, as you can fill them with items that you are sure your recipient will love. Make her feel beautiful and appreciated by sending her a Lavender Spa Gift Basket or satisfy his sweet tooth by gifting him a basket of Chocolate Delights.

Personalized Gifts:  
There is something special when a gift that is made especially for them and is entirely their own is given. This is why a significant percentage of people find personalized gifts to be the best long-distance relationship gifts. Despite your time apart and the distance between you, it shows that you know this person’s likes and aspirations because you’ve listened, observed, and paid attention to them – and that is bound to put a smile on their face.

You can add that special someone’s name on face on just about anything you can think of.  Having their picture as your phone background creates memories wheever you unlock your phone. But consider a tiny step up from the usual.

For instance, you can have your favorite picture of you as a couple printed out on a snuggly blanket, pillow, phone case, etc. If you want to give them a good laugh, put a bunch of images of your tiny face on their socks so they’ll be able to bring you along wherever they go. Finally, it can be as simple as a coffee mug with your picture on it that you can ship to your beloved. However, mugs can be very fragile, so you’ll need some techniques to pack breakable items like these if you want them to arrive intact.

Your  present to your special someone doesn’t have  to be extravagant and expensive. Instead, the best gifts for couples in a long-distance relationship are those that are meaningful. The simplest things can transfer the sweetest possible message you can send, and that is – I’m thinking of you! Here are some ideas:

● A simple leather bracelet with a little message on the inside that comes straight from your heart.
● A photo album containing pictures of all of your favorite moments.
● An adorable little teddy bear with a handwritten love note you could sneak inside it.
● A piece of wall art with a beautiful hand-lettered print of your favorite love quote that affirms how you feel about this special person in your life.
● A kissing mug set – two porcelain mugs that are complete when brought together – just like you and your favorite person.
● A cute photo frame with heart ornaments or a quote that your significant other will enjoy waking up next to in the morning.

Do It Yourself Gifts:
Even if you’re not very good at arts and crafts, it’s the thought that counts. Let your significant other know that love knows no distance by writing a bunch of tiny love-themed notes for them to open each day or whenever they’re in need of a little pick-me-up. You can write reasons why you miss them or love them, or select some inspirational, motivational, or romantic quotes to fill the notes. Place these inside cute mini envelopes, smiling pill capsules, or roll and tie them with a tiny ribbon. Then, put them in a beautifully-decorated jar.

If you just want to see each other face to face, one of the best long-distance relationship gifts is a romantic weekend getaway (assuming that your finances have no objection, of course). Surprise your partner by selecting a destination where you can meet in the middle, making all arrangements, and planning out the escape for which you’ve both been longing.


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