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This line of special products is not only for gardeners but also for anyone who works or spends time outdoors. For those who want highly effective hand and body care, these products will also have special appeal. They contain natural herbal extracts chosen for their traditional soothing properties. After a long day of handling thorny situations, our HAND THERAPYis just the help you need. It contains shea butter as well as extracts of yarrow, clover and calendula to help soothe and condition work-roughened hands. GARDENER'S SKIN REMEDY WITH LAVENDER(50 ml)is a soothing, aloe-based treatment containing pure, natural lavender oil to help relieve the pain and itching from insect bites and other skin discomforts encountered while outdoors. GARDENER'S AFTER WORK SCRUB GRAINS(142 g)is formulated with fine pumice, soft wood fiber and emollients to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin, leaving hands noticeably smoother and softer after use. Moisturizing GARDENERS SKIN SOOTHING BATH SOAK WITH OAT PROTEIN (250 m) is formulated with natural camomile extract, oat protein and glycerine. It's sure to calm skin that is itchy, dry or irritated and to help ease the discomfort associated with poison ivy and sunburn. (Products are sent priority mail. Shipping is $3.85 per item).
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