Day of Sunshine Personalized Fortune Cookie

Giant Fortune Cookie filled with Sunshine

Giant Fortune Cookie filled with Sunshine

Brighten up their day when you send this gift of sunshine.  Choose either regular fortune cookie or gluten-free for an extra $6.00

This uniquely different fortune cookie is hand-dipped in fine White Belgian Chocolate and embellished with edible Sunflowers and White and Yellow Pariels. Your personalized message goes on the foot-long fortune inside!

Tell them how "fortune"-ate you are to have them in your life...or that he/she's your sweetest cookie and greatest fortune! You'll make their heart crumble!

If ground shipping is chosen, summer-safe buttercream frosting will be used in the warmer months. 

The cost of a cool-kit is included in the air-shipping options. 

This gift ships from California and cannot be hand delivered. 

Price: $29.95
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