Giant Fortune Cookie to Welcome the New Baby

New Baby Giant Fortune Cookie

New Baby Giant Fortune Cookie

Send a gift that the new parents will love and enjoy. The message will be a keepsake to remember this proud event.

A vanilla fortune cookie is baked with your personalized fortune inside, then hand-dipped in your choice of fine Belgian Chocolate (choose dark, milk, white) or summer-safe frosting. The cookie is decorated with  candy confetti sprinkles and hand-crafted Royal Icing decorations for either a New Baby Girl or New Baby Boy! Each cookie is packaged in a gloossy white gift boxes.

Your personalized message goes on the 1-ft-long fortune inside each cookie for an unforgettable and unique gift.

If ground shipping is chosen, a summer-safe buttercream frosting will be used.  The cost of cool-paks is included in the air shipping options. 

Giant Cookie Measures Approximately: 6.5" x 6" x 6" This gift is shipped from California and cannot be hand delivered.

Price: $29.95
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