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Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey for Thanksgiving

By Joyce | Nov 21, 2020

Turkey for Thanksgiving? In America, for most people, Thanksgiving means turkey.   A roast turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings is a time-honored tradition that many of us associate with the first Pilgrim harvest feast. However, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, historians have no evidence that turkey was even served at that dinner! …

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7 Going Away Gifts for Friends

By Joyce | Nov 10, 2020

7 Going Away Gifts for Friends All of us would like to stay in touch with our friends for our entire lives. However, sooner or later, someone is bound to move away. In that case, dealing with the ensuing separation is rarely easy. Still, there are certain things that you can do to make the …

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increase profits with bright ideas

Increase Business Profits with Bright Ideas

By Joyce | Nov 3, 2020

A business has two functions: To serve its customers better than anyone else. To make a profit.  If your business fails in either function for any length of time, the business itself will fail. So you already provide great customer service and you’re still not making a profit. What can you do? Profit is simply …

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Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Christmas Magic

By Joyce | Nov 2, 2020

When I opened the newspaper this morning, I was greeted by an ad that announced  “Christmas has arrived!” “Baloney!” I murmured to myself remembering the shower of golden leaves that had greeted me when delivering gift baskets on the NAU campus earlier in the week.  I glanced at the date, thinking I was in some …

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mom and baby gifts

Best Gift Ideas for New Moms

By Joyce | Oct 20, 2020

Best Gift Ideas For New Moms Getting the perfect present for a new mom is not always the simplest of tasks. On the other hand, choosing some cute baby stuff is so much easier, especially if you bear in mind that babies, unlike their parents, are not even aware of the gifts they get. However, …

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Sympathy Gifts in Times of Bereavement

By Joyce | Sep 14, 2020

People don’t always remember what you said to them or gave to them but they do remember how you made them feel. So what do you give to a bereaved person or family? If you know the person well, you can give anything you like that doesn’t make them feel worse about the loss. Food …

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Celebrating 79 Years of Learning and Growing

By Joyce | Sep 14, 2020

For those who only know me as “Creative Gifts” or “Gift Basket Network,”  my name is Joyce Reid and I live in Flagstaff, Arizona (not the desert part of the state but in the mountains at 7000 feet with pine trees and winter snow.  Seventy-nine years ago today, my mother gave birth to me at …

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Summer Home Farm

Summer Home Farm – The Story and more

By Joyce | Aug 22, 2020

View of Summer Home Farm Three miles south of Glenwood along Bean Creak Road (former County Highway) in 1923 I have a painting of this view painted by someone who visited there during this time period. History is important and it is incredibly sad to see it disappear only to be seen in old photos …

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Easy Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd and Say Thank You

By Joyce | Aug 14, 2020

Through the years, I’ve dealt with many Realtors.  Most are competent.  Most did a good job.  But one of them stands out from the crowd in my mind. We had just bought a new house in a new town that we knew nothing about.  My husband was being transferred there and I wasn’t overjoyed at …

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