Unique Tea Gift Basket

Tea and More for Any Occasion

Tea and More for Any Occasion

A festive gift for any type of celebration or just to tell
that special someone that you're thinking of them.

This oversized wicker tea cup is filled with an assortment
of teas and cookies then topped with one of our colorful
hand-tied bows. This tea gift basket is one that she'll
remember for a long time as a very special gift.

This gift can be delivered in Flagstaff or shipped nationwide. 

Price: $24.95
Ship or Delver:


Note from a customer:
“This was just a little something that I wanted to send to my sister on a day that she was feeling down.  I never dreamed that it was the thing that she said turned her life around.  She told me later that she was thinking of ending it all until she opened the package and found this little gift.  ‘It was just knowing that I wasn’t alone in this world and that someone really cared about me that made the difference,’ she said.  I know now that just a little bit of kindness can save someone’s life. Thank you for making this possible.

Carol (last name withheld for privacy reasons) in Atlanta Ga.

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