Gifts for Realtors

How To Say Thank You to Your Realtor After the Sale Closes You don’t have to get your realtor a gift after you buy a house. In fact, real estate agents rarely get these.  It’s not because people don’t appreciate their effort. They’re just too busy moving, and they usually don’t have time to think …

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Memories from the Past

Ginger, me and mom in Perdido

The news coming in about days without power and heat in Texas during this major freeze in much of the United States, brings back memories of a few years of early childhood spent in Perdido, Alabama during World War II. My dad had been drafted into the navy and sent to the Pacific.  My mother …

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Long Distance Relationship Gifts


While it is true that modern-day technology makes the miles apart slightly more bearable, sometimes, virtual dating simply cannot cut it. Eager to keep the relationship alive and thriving, far-flung lovers turn to more creative ways of sharing their thoughts.   Here is a  list of long-distance relationship gifts  to spark your imagination on how to …

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How to Make Love Last


A new romance is always exciting.  But, just like any other relationship, a romantic one has its ups and downs. Couples easily fall in love, but they have to work at maintaining that special connection on a long term basis. I’m no expert but I do have experience as Ron and I recently celebrated our …

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