Giving Great Business Gifts


The Secret to Giving Great Business Gifts The answer is simple — make them as memorable as possible.  This may sound like oversimplification but never underestimate how effective a creative gift can be. If you’re in business, you most likely send thank you gifts to your customers either at holidays or other times of the …

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Corporate Gift Giving


25 Tips for Successful Gift Giving Gifts are meant to be given from the heart and corporate gift giving is no different. It’s all too easy to think “what’s in it for me” when we give a gift to a customer or client instead of “how can I make it special for them. During our …

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The $10,000 Question

The  $10,000 Question is. . . Do you know what employees desire the most? More Money? More Vacation Time? A Shorter Work Day? If that’s your three guesses, you’re wrong! In survey after survey, employees have answered “APPRECIATION.” And, yet, that is what many employers fail to give those to keep their work places running …

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