Send a Teddy Bear Hug to Someone Special Today!

Bear Hug Gift Box

Bear Hug Gift Box

Know someone who needs a big bear hug? And you can't be there to give them one?
Here is the answer:
                                                                            Send them a Hug
                                                             Send them a Teddy Bear Hug Gift in a Box 

Knowing that someone cares about them can make all the difference when someone is down and out, feeling depressed, under the weather, or just not themselves.  

A cute, cuddly, and very soft teddy bear (colors may vary) is packed into a gift box along with our special poem "A Bear Hug for Someone Special" and a mini box of "sweets to make the Bear Hug even sweeter.  You can choose between chocolate chip cookies or candies.  We use chocolate candies in the winter months and hard candies in the warmer ones.
So don't delay.  Order your Teddy Bear Hug Gift in a Box today and we'll get it on its way.  We ship either US Postal Service First Class or, if you need it there faster, you can choose priority mail.   We can hand deliver this in Flagstaff AZ only by courier for a courier cost of $15.


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