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Teddy Bear Gifts

Teddy Bear Gifts

Girl hugging teddy bearRemember that cuddly stuffed teddy bear you
loved so much when you were a kid?
You shared all your secrets with him and
he never told a soul.

Well, he’s back! Choose one of our Teddy Bear gifts today
for yourself or for someone who needs a hug.



Grand Canyon Teddy Bears giftsThese dressed teddy bears are 8″ tall and come in a gift box with your personal message.  They are shipped priority mail (within the US)








Straight from the Bear’s Mouth

Teddy Bear GiftHey there,

I don’t have a name yet.  I’m hoping that you’ll give me one when I come to live with you.  But before you make me, or one of my many teddy bear friends, exclusively yours, let me tell you a bit about myself and my family.

Bears, like my mom and dad and all of us who live in Grand Canyon Bear Village, have made the Grand Canyon their home for centuries.  There used to be a lot of us roaming throughout northern Arizona but hunters and homesteaders have forced us into smaller and smaller places to live.  There used to be grizzly bears here too, but not any more.

Bears, like my family, travel up and down the steep trails, going from the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon all the way up to the pine forest at the top looking for food.  During the winter, when deep snow covers the North Rim of the Canyon, closing it to tourists, they find a secure place to sleep all winter long until they awaken in the springtime.  While they’re sleeping, they don’t eat…so they have to eat a whole lot the rest of the year to produce the fat that they live on while sleeping.  It used to be easy to find lots of berries, acorns, leaves, and even small animals to eat.  We were able to catch fish in the Colorado River.

But for the past few years, there hasn’t been much rain and it’s become harder and harder to find food.  Besides the drought, forest fires and new homes for people have destroyed some of the land where we live and where our food grows making it more and more difficult for bears like us to survive in the wild.

My cousin, Smokey Bear’s mom was killed in a forest fire.  Smokey was just a tiny cub then.  A forest ranger rescued him and took him to a kind vet that treated his burns and made him well.  Smokey was never able to return to his forest home but he lived the rest of his life in the Washington National Zoo.

But we do survive!  That’s why I’m here. . . to remind you of all the bears that make their home not only in the Canyon Canyon but in other places as well.  The white polar bears, up north, are finding it even harder than we are to survive as the very ice that they live on continues to melt.

That’s our story.  Whenever you see a teddy bear, think of us and all the wild animals throughout the world that are having a hard time surviving.

I’m hoping that you will let me, or one of my many teddy bear friends, come live with you, give me a name, make me yours, and love and cherish me.

Your New Best Friend From Grand Canyon Teddy Bear Village