Peach Bellini Mix
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  Peach Bellini Mix

Why bother with a Peach Bellini Recipe when you can have a frozen Peach Bellini in minutes with this special mix?

Close your eyes and pretend the year is somewhere between 1934 and 1948. It's the middle of the summer and you're sitting on a stool in Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy.

The scent of Cuban cigars, malt whiskey and fresh summer peaches fills the air. As you look around, you see Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis or Orson Wells sitting at the bar talking with owner Giuseppe Cipriani, as he mixes the peach nectar he has blended with a sparkling wine. As Giuseppe places the frothy icy pink drink in front of you, he explains that he calls it a Bellini because it reminds him of the vibrant pink color of the toga worn by a saint in a 15th century painting by Giovanni Bellini.

Now, you no longer have to imagine. You can relive that long ago summer day in your own home or on your patio with friends. Making your own Peach Bellini is as easy as mixing the peach bellini mix with your favorite sparkling wine or champagne. And you, too, can enjoy the fruity fresh flavor experienced by those who were lucky enough to visit Harry's Venice Bar during that long ago time in a far away place.

Note: the Rimmer and wine are not included. 

Certified Kosher

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