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Customized, Personalized Gifts for the Multi-Housing Industry

arrival survival kit

We have been offering customized, personalized gifts for the housing industry since 1994 and welcome you to our family of customers which cover the gamut from small Mom and Pop Bed and Breakfast homes to Harvard University Housing. No order is too small or too large.

For Ordering Information for members of the Multi-Housing Industry and a fax order form Click here

Since shipping charges depend on quantity and distance, our shopping cart will not charge shipping when you place your order. Actual shipping charges will be added at the time we run your credit card and you will be sent an updated receipt.

Important Announcement:  The changes made by both Fedex and UPS as of January 1, 2015 to charge shipping based on dimensional weight rather than actual weight is resulting in much higher shipping charges.  In order to keep shipping charges as low as we possibly can for you, we are making the following change:  The gabled boxes (pictured with our Arrival Survival Kit gifts) will still be used but the tops will be folded down so that the gabled top does not show.  By doing this we can pack 18 boxes into a carton instead of 12 which will make your shipping much less.  If you still wish the gabled box appearance, let us know and we will accommodate you but the shipping charges will be higher.

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